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Isabel Best Scene

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For Murphy <3


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World Oceans Day!

Well, to begin, I must say to everyone Happy (belated) World Oceans Day! I hope everyone had an amazing day, filled with fun and joy… seriously, how amazing is it that they were able to incorporate an entire day dedicated to our watery planet?

When I sent out the texts this morning telling everyone “Happy World Oceans Day!”, the majority of the responses were “that’s so sad” or “how ironic”.. when asked how come those responses, they were all tied to the disaster in the Gulf.

Hmm. I can see how disheartening that is.

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R.I.P. Stephany Flores and Natalee Holloway

Thank you, Stephany Flores Ramirez, for helping him get caught. Your death was not in vain, and sure people may be bitter about Aruba’s corrupt government during the first murder, but the truth is it all works out quite lovely. You get to rest on the other side, and people back here get to learn several lessons, such as being happy for what you have and appreciating it.

Natalee, your death was not in vain either… during an interview, I heard your mom explain that she got to redefine her life and herself, which not many people get to do in their lifetime. Instead of being in a same ol’, same ol’ situation without a real purpose in life, she is now helping millions of people, especially teenagers, who go missing or are simply going on vacation. So thank you.

(And YAYYYYYYY van der Sloot’s run is over! Now he gets to finally learn whatever lessons he’s meant to in this lifetime 🙂 )

OHM…. peace ❤

Ah, my dear readers – I haven’t written in a while, but it was all for a good reason. I needed an inspiration, and after a long time of contemplating this issue, I realized I had the key to how we ourselves can have more compassion in our lives. It seems the general idea of compassion is that it is simply held by saints, or gods, or simply very spiritual people. But the truth of the matter is what these saints/gods/spirits were trying to tell us is we all have the capability of doing this.

Why is that, you ask? As radical as this seems, I truly believe we have all lived in every aspect of the equation – good, bad, light, dark, evil, happy, holy, sad, scared, calm, etc. Some believe in other lifetimes, and usually they explain that they lived these feelings and ideals in past lives. However, we have all done good or bad in our lives, and we know it. We have all done shameful things, and we have all done stuff to redeem ourselves. This is simply a process of life. So why do we block ourselves from being compassionate with others who make or have made mistakes? Why do we let this stop us from reaching this inner peace, not only with ourselves, but with our environment?

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A Life Lesson on Love – The List

In my blog entry for December 27, 2009 , I explained the simple concept of being truly ready for that special someone. Dr. Wayne Dyer posted this article a few days ago that inspired me to bring forth a certain exercise for those who seem to want that someone special in their life. Of course, there is more than simply making a list to this – it is achieving a sense of self-worth along with it as well.

Are you ready?

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Haiti and our “Personal Earthquakes”…

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that occured three days ago. It isn’t something that we like to hear, it can be a very negative topic to talk about. However, it seems that the earthquake is a large-scaled physical representation of what happens within all of us every once in a while to help shift our lives into better paths.

Haiti has undergone many disasters, with earthquakes being a norm in the small country. It seemed though that everyone was waiting for a “big” one, since it was overdue. Please read this article to help give you some idea of what the country was like beforehand. With the way that Troutman explains in the article, it appears the earthquake was something to help make disaster planning a bit more imperative. I am sure it isn’t easy to swallow – hundreds of people have been reported dead or missing, and many more injured. My heart goes out to them everyday, and with every inch of me, I wish I could go down and help, too.  Read More…

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Being Ready – A Life Lesson on Love

It seems to me that the majority of my friends seek help on love. It’s cliche to some, but it is apparent that it is the avenue most take to become more evolved souls. This isn’t because they end up depending on love or the other person, but rather because they realize it has nothing to do with the other person, and everything to do with you.

As we enter into the new year, plenty of people are thinking about having that “special someone”. Some of you feel lucky, while others feel exasperated and lonely. It seems the holidays can do this to some, and that is a perfectly normal human response. But let’s take that response and use it so you don’t feel so bad anymore, meaning we end up eventually getting what we really want. Ready?

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The Best Christmas Present

I don’t intend to put any lessons or give insightful messages today. The past week has been weird, only due to several things from my past and present trying to show up again. Thing is, I realized they were coming back for a reason – to teach me something. I’m sure I could be miserable about it, but I while I should have been sleeping (final exam in 6 hours), I was having a moment where I realized that all of my dreams are coming true – I am changing the world even more so now. I feel the shift within every inch of my body. And with that, I felt the need to just type it. Read More…

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Brief lesson of the day – Compassion

A friend of mine posted this – Click here, and asked how was he qualified to speak against dogfighting. This is one of those lessons that’s hard to grasp, as our society has done so well with evolving themselves to treat animals respectfully. I remember when this happened, I didn’t really digest the news other than with anger. I was upset. BUT I didn’t know the whole story. I simply took the easy route and let it stay at anger, rather than doing soul searching.

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