Posted by: waterbaby87 | October 16, 2009

In remembrance of a wonderful little boy…

Hello everyone!

Well, as you know, I blog about happiness. And I’m sure a lot of you are freaked out by the title alone, but today I had to write about a wonderful little boy that came into this world only to leave so suddenly.

Today, I was startled by my computer, Dell-lilah, freezing on a beautiful picture of a couple I know. This happened to be the couple that a few weeks ago lost a beautiful baby boy of only 18 weeks old. Ironically enough, today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, so I felt the need to write about it. Especially after Dell-lilah (or Jessy?) was trying to remind me.

The day my mom got the news about this, I kind of had to stop for a moment. All my years of being trained in the “medical” thinking usually makes me think “This is a normal occurance” and a simple “I’m sorry” would be uttered. But no. This was different. I looked around me and became suddenly very very grateful for everything. I looked at my mom and I realized how incredibly lucky am I to have someone like her as my mother? I looked at my cat, whom to some is incredibly strange but really I am lucky to have a cat like Mr. Murphy. I looked at where I lived and I realized how lucky I was to have a beautiful little place to live. I hung out with my friends that day and I realized how happy I was to be here at this moment living this life with these wonderful people.

As time went on, I looked around me at the people who were affected by this – either directly or indirectly. Some had stories to share about their own losses, some had stories from someone else… but it was as if everyone had something to look at and say “thank you”. It was no longer “another normal occurrence” in the medical world. It was something everyone seemed to relate to, either through experience or empathy.

By the time the couple, our dear friends (or rather, family members) reached out to explain to situation that had occurred and to send their love, I knew the reason for the situation and why it had happened. Jessy, the miracle baby, had come into this world not to live it for 80+ years, but only for a few seconds, to touch hundreds of peoples’ lives at once. He was the little angel sent down to give the message of gratitude and love to not only his parents, but to everyone else who had a ripple effect from the news.

This made me so happy, it made me smile, because none of it happened in vain. No. He came into this world with a strong purpose, something most people don’t realize until years later in their lives, and he fulfilled it 100%. He lived more than most people live today. How absolutely wonderful!

So this posting is to remember an angel that came down from heaven to earth to remind us how wonderful life is in reality, and that in truth nothing could be worst because everything that is happening to you right now is really a blessing in disguise.

Jessy, thank you soooo much for coming like this and leaving so suddenly. People have cried because they hate having the feeling that you’re not here, but it’s okay. Deep inside, we know you’re there, and we are truly grateful and happy for that. We all love you so much, and can’t wait to meet you again up there when it is our time to leave our bodies as well.

Please give thanks to those you love today, and even those you don’t love at all 🙂 And remember, smile! Because this is one of the greatest things that could ever happen in your life – to be woken up from living unconsciously.

Love and kisses,

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