Posted by: waterbaby87 | October 20, 2009

Learning how to “Pivot” – from annoying frustrations to just another blip in the radar…

"Why won't someone else freak out with me???"

Every once in a while, you get easily frustrated by certain situations around you, or even certain people. I’m sure when you get frustrated, you can easily go out and find others who will agree and be just as frustrated as you are, right?

This may be an easy way to feel like you’re venting, but the funny part is… you still don’t feel quite right even after finding someone else to agree with you. I’m right, huh? Go and try to do this for yourself. Find that someone to agree with you. And then you realize you’re simply building up even more frustration to that certain situation/person you’re aiming at.

According to quantum physics, all you’re doing is creating that reality even more. It’s true – look it up! When you stick to the same “vibration” (energy level) that you’re annoyed with, you’re sticking yourself even more by continuously putting yourself in that vibration, and in turn not changing your situation at all. If anything, you’re amplifying it according to the laws of physics.

So the question is…


The wonderful thing about life is that it is meant to be fully enjoyed. That seems hard to believe since a lot of people seem stuck in terrible situations, but the cool part about learning how to pivot is that any “obstacle” instantly becomes an incredible opportunity to something better. So let’s look at potentially annoying situations that can easily lead you down the road of constant frustration, and how we can “pivot” ourselves to a better direction…

Situation 1: The Annoying Co-Worker/Classmate

Doesn't always help to continue screaming at someone if it didn't work the first time... second time...third time...

You have to go to work almost everyday. You can deal with different types of “annoying” co-workers – the “stupid” one, the lazy one, the crazy one, the angry one, the talkative one… oh yes, the list does go on. So we will stick to a just one for now – the “stupid” one.

This becomes an interesting standpoint because you’ll start to wonder and come up with excuses as to why you’re simply smarter than this person. You’ll even find other people who will agree with you. You’ll call each other up and talk about how “stupid” this other person is.

Now, let’s back up for a moment. Think about why this person is so “stupid”. What have they done? Are they new? Are they doing something you might’ve done before? I’m sure there are some “no” answers to those questions, but the important part here is to think about what could possibly be the deciding factor for you to be “smarter” than this person.

The next step is to think about why you’re letting this person’s actions get to you. What is it about them that you’re using as an excuse for you to feel this way? Sometimes, you may feel as if your job may be at stake. Well the solution there is to try to understand why this person is doing these “stupid” things. Try perhaps talking to them, explain that you’ve been taught the method this way and that you want to understand where they’re coming from. Is there anything they’re having a hard time with? If so, tell them you’re more than happy to help. (This is a huge bonus, because helping someone else will always make you feel great inside! Plus, you’ll be earning loyalty from someone new, which helps in the long run!)

The Blessing in Disguise

Is this person being stubborn? Well now it is time to “pivot”. The biggest question I ask myself when in a so-called “annoying” situation, is to say:

“What is this person here suppose to teach me?”

Meditate on what could this person be teaching you...

Meditate on what could this person could be teaching you...

– This question is sooooo important to ask in any situation, but most importantly when you’re about to burst and find someone to continue on your vibration. To have this childlike wonder in your life tends to make things go a lot smoother than they normally would. So let’s see what could this person teach you…

1) Patience – some joke about this, but it really is a virtue. However, it is something everyone can obtain. Everyone. So this person might be here to teach you how to be a bit more patient, which in the long run helps you out a ton! Imagine if people were a bit more patient in different parts of your life?

2) Equality – you have an amazing opportunity to learn everyone is equal in their own way. Some may be lacking certain skills, while they may have certain abilities that you feel you may never have. How amazing is that? You start to see everyone around you in a different light. This person may be “stupid” at your workplace, but outside of it, they may be members of MENSA, or have the ability to shoot a target from 30 yards away. Who knows! Point is – there really is no such thing as being “smart” or “stupid”.

This can be tied in together with “patience” because when you give someone enough time, they may surprise you.

So question for today is, what do you think you could learn from such a co-worker? What is the blessing in disguise in this situation?

I’ll continue with more examples tomorrow 😉





  1. I love it! You hit many things at once, and not only for me but people around us too, some friends also need to hear this today.

  2. hehe thank you. I am happy for the “frustrating” things in my life that inspired me to write this!

  3. I’m waiting…. LOL
    Well, all your fans are waiting! I’m still thinking in making a fan page in fb for you, if any one out there know how to do it, mama needs help 🙂

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