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Learning How to “Pivot” – dealing with school and/or work pressures…

This semester has been the  most wonderful semester so far in my college career. I love my courses, I love the people I go to school with, and I have learned to love my school. My school schedule includes some of the toughest classes our school offers, and with the supposedly “terrible” professors, but I have been able to prove it all wrong.

Thing is… I still noticed students around me having a hard time. I frequently hear things such as:

“I shouldn’t have to be so stressed about this class!!!”

“Why is my professor giving me terrible grades? I studied soooo hard for that exam!”

“I need a better grade on my next quiz or else I will BOMB that class!”

…… Yikes. Does this sound like you?

So for today’s lesson on learning how to “pivot”, we will focus on those issues we tend to deal with in regards of pressure, whether it is at school or at your workplace.

Stressed out much?

Situation 3: Dealing with Pressures at School/Work

It is said that statistically speaking, school children (from elementary to college) nowadays deal with more stress than their parents ever did. This seems proven through the higher rate of college applicants, which makes competition much more fierce to deal with. Some may blame it on the “recession” – saying without good grades, students can’t get good jobs. No wonder there’s so much stress involved! So when you eventually get a job, you get stressed again because you want to keep that job.

I have noticed lately that those who are studying even harder and getting even more worked up about what they do bomb their exams and quizzes even more. Just the other day, I watched students around me receive their exams back. The ones who studied soooo hard but had the high stress factor, along with making God knows what else (flash cards, billboards with study notes), were the ones who “bombed” the exam. Of course you have the students who just didn’t study at all and didn’t pass, but its the ones who are having the mini heart attacks everyday that seemed to get mediocre to terrible grades. I know, I used to do this, and boy did I get bad grades. How is that even possible, you might ask?

There are many factors, but one of the biggest ones is that stress can do a number to your body, and eventually it just doesn’t help you at all when you need to have your energy all together for that big important exam. You tried way too hard, and the entire time, you basically sent out the signal that you would not succeed, regardless of studying. According to the laws of physics I explained before, you will get that right back – You will not succeed, no matter how hard you studied.

You have the power, but it is up to you to use it to your advantage!This can be combated. It has to be completely up to you though. The past few blog entries have been about how you live your life, the energy you give off everyday. Heck, this is something that you should do for your own well being, and as a result of taking care of yourself, you take care of the rest of your life. This is normally said to be “easier said than done“, but oh boy is it much easier than you think.

Always remember what I thought in my past two lessons – it is always what energy you give out that gets reflected back to you. Those experiences are simply a reflection of what you have inside of you. In the end, you are the one with the power to change any situation to one of positive experience.

Here are a few things that have helped me, and I know will help you:

Find your peaceful place

The road to a better life is right in front of your eyes...

Step 1 Find a place you can go to when life gets tough. This is something I’ve learned to do, especially when I figured being anywhere near water tends to help me out. Find that area, and learn to breathe deeply in and out, with your eyes closed. This helps level out your stress hormones, and begins to clear your mind. If you can’t do this and you’re involved in a high stress environment at the moment, simply follow the other steps… it’ll eventually sort itself out.

Step 2Change your mindset. Louise Hay, a famous motivational author, always talks about affirmations, and telling yourself these affirmations in the mirror a few times a day. I couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing what affirmations can do to you. If you continue telling yourself that you have to work hard to get to where you want, then you’re going to have to work hard to get to where you want to be. Sheesh, and here I thought we were supposed to enjoy our lives! But when you start changing your mindset to one where you tell yourself certain things, such as “This is going to be easy”, your mind and body will start changing… you’ll soon really believe it is easy, and voila! It IS easy! This is what I have done in all of my exams and quizzes, and I have incredibly good grades. Here are some affirmations suggested by me and other motivational speakers:

“School is getting easier and easier everyday!”

“My life is so fulfilling, and I get all A’s in school.”

“I understand everything my professor teaches me. My mind is like a sponge.”

“My job is very fulfilling, and I enjoy going there everyday.”

“I love what I do!”

When all else fails, always tell yourself – “I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of myself.”

Step 3Gratitude. Oh this is sooooo important! I see so many college students ruin all their chances because they’re so busy stressing, that they don’t realize what they have! Imagine, when you get accepted into a college or a job, you got accepted because the people who were in charge of accepting you really believed you could make it in that university or that job. How wonderful is that??? You come in, and the world has already told you it believes you can do anything. So instead of letting small things build up and become that immense pressure most are going to experience, realize this first. Make a list of things that you’re so grateful for! Here are some examples using gratitude as a major pivot point –

Example 1: You have a demanding job, and a full course load. You’re stressing out because you have all these responsibilities.

Be grateful for – Having people at your job think you’re responsible enough to have that job, and you love it because you’re getting paid to do something you love.

Be grateful for – the university that accepted you, because it really trusted you enough to attend there. Also, they trusted you enough to take on a full course load.

Be grateful for – the opportunity of getting an education. Not many of us realize how wonderful it is that we can go to school so readily.

Be grateful for – your professors for coming in and teaching you something you didn’t know before. They went to school before you did and they had to work to get to that position to be able to teach you. Now you have the honor to listen to what they have to teach you.

Example 2: Your professor seems like a douche.

Be grateful for – your professor to even come in to school and try to teach you something. You may not realize it, but they really do care. Some may not have an easy time trying to connect to students, but there are ways to be able to help close that gap. For one, we need to understand the generation gap. With this understanding, you can help close that gap much faster.

Be grateful for – Having someone come into your life and teach you compassion. Look back on blog entry of lesson one! Compassion helps you reach such a great level of understanding, that you will have no problems with a professor that would be a “douche”.

Additional instructions – create an affirmation for this professor, such as “Professor so-and-so teaches wonderful things, and is they are delighted to have me in their class!”. Anything to help change your mind from a negative mindset to one full of positive light.

Example 3 – My job is too stressful.

Be grateful – you have a job! How wonderful is it that you have made it thus far having a job?

Be grateful – to your employer for thinking you are worth keeping. What a delight to realize you have a company that thinks you’re a valuable asset.

Be grateful for – the people you work with. Everyone is in your life for a reason, and it’s wonderful to think that you can learn something from someone everyday, or even help someone with their life.

I’ve personally used these methods on professors and other people that would normally be called a “grouch”, and they end up being the sweetest person you could ever encounter. It’s so easy how you can use your mind to change the people around you. Also, my method of telling myself school is easy and it keeps getting easier really works! This is why I still manage to think certain properties in organic chemistry or genetics makes total sense to me. It takes a bit for some people to start to really believe these methods work, but once you really 100% believe it, you achieve it.

So to wrap it up, let me just explain a few things. I do not tell you this so you can feel warm and fuzzy inside. I tell you this so you can work at it everyday, and better your life. This isn’t wishy washy “spiritual stuff”, this is 100% proven by science. Stress hormones can easily ruin your life, so learning how to “pivot” in any situation is incredibly beneficial.

This blog entry is based on common patterns I see everyday at my university from the students around me. I seem to always encounter someone who is ruining their chances for a wonderful future by letting negative emotions get to them. While editing someone’s paper, I realized students were too busy being worried about getting a “good” grade, that they didn’t realize the answer was right in front of them (ie. our professor gave us all the tools, and we had them, we just needed to use them).It was funny to watch, but hopefully this is a lesson everyone can take home.

Stop stressing out and look at what is in front of you at the moment.

The main idea of all this is to learn to “pivot” from that stressed out emotion to one where you realize the blessing in the situation. Even when you are calm, you continue to work hard, but it won’t seem “hard” to you anymore. It’ll just seem much more enjoyable, as a matter of fact, because you suddenly enjoy what you do.

I hope this helps someone. I would also love any questions you may have if you feel like you don’t know how to pivot in a certain situation, whether it relates to what I have talked about thus far or not.

Also, here is a wonderful article my mother shared with her friends on Facebook the other day – feel free to read it. It can teach you a lot in probably fewer words than I did.





  1. Where is the new thingie? Helllloooooo….. we are waiting LOL
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  2. Hey! I really like this entry. I need help with dealing with stress. I feel like I am doing worse than I am capable of when I know material for classes. I am going to try some of your helpful strategies

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