Posted by: waterbaby87 | January 16, 2010

Haiti and our “Personal Earthquakes”…

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that occured three days ago. It isn’t something that we like to hear, it can be a very negative topic to talk about. However, it seems that the earthquake is a large-scaled physical representation of what happens within all of us every once in a while to help shift our lives into better paths.

Haiti has undergone many disasters, with earthquakes being a norm in the small country. It seemed though that everyone was waiting for a “big” one, since it was overdue. Please read this article to help give you some idea of what the country was like beforehand. With the way that Troutman explains in the article, it appears the earthquake was something to help make disaster planning a bit more imperative. I am sure it isn’t easy to swallow – hundreds of people have been reported dead or missing, and many more injured. My heart goes out to them everyday, and with every inch of me, I wish I could go down and help, too. 

But I couldn’t help but think… It seems each of us undergo our own earthquakes. We get stuck in situations we don’t particularly like, or are just decently content… until something rattles our lives to help make it so much better. Many of us get stuck in dead end jobs, relationships or lifestyles. We think there’s nothing better, so why bother? But, you see, there is something much better. That’s why catastrophic events occur – either physically or spiritually – so we can get to where we really deserve and desire to be.

You might be thinking “oh no, where is she getting at now???”. I am hoping to bring into light what good has come out of Haiti, and reflect that unto our own lives.

The positive outcomes of Haiti’s earthquake:

1) Now the priority of disaster planning has been brought to light. It is something that reached out to the rest of the world, so we can help our fellow men.

2) Starting new – imagine how much help will be coming in, cleaning up the area, and assisting the society to rise up a bit more. There is now possibility of charities working to help build schools, or create infrastructure that delivers clean water to many citizens.

3) The people who died during the earthquake are helping their surviving loved ones appreciate what they have around them, including other loved ones. This is not an easy task, many will victimize themselves and not see the bigger picture, which is normal because we’re always taught that it is okay to be a victim. But the truth is, there is a huge blessing in the loss of someone special. There are many messages each person can see and read clearly.

4) People who are interacting at this very moment are, in some way, affecting and impacting each other in a positive manner – simply because they are helping each other. It takes the strength of a community to get back to normal, and it is a wonderful opportunity for every single person to be touched in some way. The way I see it, the earthquake happened to help billions of people. I don’t mean just the Haitians, but the rest of the world, because we can all learn something, feel grateful, and meet others who are undergoing the same lessons. How beautiful is that?

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami helped teach us very similar lessons. One of my favorite ones was the rise in mangrove forest conservation. If you’re not familiar with this, it is simply that mangrove trees grow in saltwater, that used to grow in abundance along the sea coast of many warmer to temperate climate regions. It is known they help buffer tsunamis and storm surges, as well as serving as nurseries for juvenile and larval forms of marine organisms, along with habitats of endemic birds and many more species. But due to development and human impact, they have been declining. However, there was proof that where there were thriving mangrove forests, the citizens in the corresponding areas didn’t feel the same impact of the tsunami as the surrounding areas without mangroves did. This helped bring awareness of what is essentially ocean conservation, as well as advanced tsunami warning systems. Imagine the good that will come out of the Haiti earthquake.

Now, let’s compare that to our “personal earthquakes” – these may include economic issues in the household, the death of a loved one, a relationship break up or strain, and many more. Sometimes we have all these things happening at once, and we feel like we can’t handle it. But it is obvious the human soul is resilient, because we’re still here after all this time.

Look at your life journey – did anything ever happen where you felt like the earth had crumbled beneath your feet, and suddenly your life was in shambles? What happened afterward? Do you now have a wonderful, grateful worthy life? Maybe you’re going through something similar as you’re reading this. This is something the ancients called “Dark Night of the Soul“. We undergo a big transformation, all so we can finally get back on a healthy and happy track. But, of course, at the moment we can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, my dear friends… the light is there. As Andrew Harvey says in his book “The Hope“, the light you can’t see has been there all along. You just can’t see that clearly because it is so bright, similar to when you stare at the sun for too long.

I will take my “personal earthquake” as an example. For about over a year, I have had to undergo a huge transformation. It was many big events that occurred in this period of time, where it is easy for a person to give up and just go home. When it began, I remember sitting on the floor of my dorm room in the summer of 2008, crying my eyes out and feeling hopeless. Shortly after, we had another situation occur, one that made me even more exasperated. After that, it was one thing after another, and soon my life seemed to be really in shattered pieces. However, during that time, I met some of the most amazing people left and right. It was as if they were placed there for a reason – and all of which understood or knew my situation, helping me gain some hope.

One day, I decided to sit down and look at what was around me. I had not only encountered people who helped me, but suddenly I was helping and impacting others. It turned out to be a huge ripple effect – from the series of “bad” news, there was a lot of good that came out and reached forward to everyone like a vine growing on the side of a house. Soon, I began to notice those people helping other people, and well, you get the picture.

It seems the “bad” situations weren’t “bad” at all. It has been the most beautiful series of blessings I have ever encountered in my life. I view my life now and always as beautiful; I have security and abundance flowing from all directions, and I continue encountering and impacting people along the way. If it weren’t for the relentless tearing my life apart, limb by limb, I wouldn’t be here typing to you.

Message: Find your blessings in every situation, and always know everything is as it should be – meaning, you are okay, and you are safe.


  1. GOD bless HAITI!

  2. Wonderful message mi nina! You were not the only one who went thru that transformation. I believe we both have, and you have been my rock. I thank God every day for sending you to me. You are a blessing to this crazy woman LOL.
    Luv u.

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