Posted by: waterbaby87 | October 24, 2010

For Murphy <3


Yesterday, we lost our cat, Mr. Murphy, due to HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). It was very sudden, and never once thought we’d watch him go the way he did. Just 24 hours before, he was creating mischief and making us laugh.

One thing Murphy taught me with that is this – life is too short to focus on the pain. He was obviously sick, but he had enough to just continue being. How amazing is that? He also was just like any other pet – no secret agendas (ok, maybe when you had ham on your possession, but he didn’t make that much of a secret), never lied, nor any other human faults. He saved my life once from a bee by being the best door stop anyone could get, warned my mother of a snake in the house, licked away my tears when I cried once, gave lots of love when we would pick him up, warned us of people with “issues” by attacking them, and even explained once what PCR meant (“Meow meow meow” = “Polymerase Chain Reaction”).

Thing is, as much as I know about the other side and how pets love it, its always hard to come to terms with the death of one. But for now, I know Murphy’s way of communicating during this difficult time was to send me this poem. Hope this brings comfort to all those who have lost a pet.

I’m Still Here

by Anonymous

Your heart has been heavy since that day

The day you thought I went away.

I haven’t left you I never would –

You just can’t see me,though I wish you could.

It might ease the pain that you feel in your heart

The pain that you’ve felt since you believed us to part.

Try and think of it this way,it might help you to see

That I am right here with you and always will be.


Remember the times we were out in the yard,

You could not always see me yet I hadn’t gone far.


That’s how it is now when you look for my face

I’m still right beside you still filling my place.


I find it to be so very sad

That seeing and believing seem to go hand and hand,

The love and the loyalty the warmth that I gave,

You felt them,did not see them,but you believed just the same.


I walk with you now like I walked with you then

My pain is now gone and I lead once again.


My eyes always following you wherever you roam

Making sure you’re okay and you’re never alone.


Our time was too short yet for me it goes on

I won’t ever leave you,I’ll never be gone.

I live in your heart as you live in mine

An enduring love that continues to shine.


That day will come and together we’ll be,

And you’ll say take me home boy,and once again I will lead.


Until that day comes don’t think that I’ve gone

I’m here right beside you,and my love it lives on.



We miss you and love you, papa. See you soon… xoxo ❤



  1. I couldn’t have said any of it better mi nina. Thank you for putting into words what I feel but then again, we both didn’t expect this.
    He has been such a good “little” companion. You think of him as a dog in the body of a cat, I see a lion in the body of a cat. He was our best defender, better than any dog.
    I will always love you Murph, I carry you in my heart for ever and like your sister says, I will see you soon my kitty.

  2. Wonderful post. Beautiful poem. Murphy used to sit in the window. Our cat Leo would sit under your car across from him. They would simply stare at each other and I would wonder what they were communicating. I know Leo will miss Murphy too.

  3. Your poem is lovely and very beautiful! I am passing it along to a friend who lost her dog almost a year ago. Every day she misses him in ways they used to be together. I know it will comfort her heart … but the loss of presence is still the greatest challenge. I miss every one of my cats that have gone on before me. Thank you for sharing this! And nice to see you’re into ocean conservation which makes such a difference for millions of creatures.

  4. It changes us the life at the moment a new member is united to our family. Some call mascots, but in my case, it is not a simple mascot, it a brother. A brother who of unconditional love, that not you pity, that he does not betray you, that only knows to be faithful and always offer all the support that can give you. is beautiful what you wrote and consolation words do not exist that can calm your lost, only the time can help you. but I want that you know, that the important thing is that gave you unforgettable moments. remember it with affection is the best thing than you can do and remember the good moments that the passage to your side.

  5. When are you going to write again? Maybe about Albie, since the last one was a very sad one, this one should be a happy note. I miss your writing and I’m sure others also miss it.
    Blessings, love and light,

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